Resale Furnishings & Fixtures

Taking in consideration all we make and how we make it, we find ourselves in a unique position to effectively support clients ‘Entrepreneurial Spirt’ in developing and launching new or improved Furniture & Fixtures proprietary product ideas. Our process is normally facilitated during production of the client’s Hotel, Bar & Restaurant, or Corporate Space build-out. Side-by-side development is the most efficient and relative process and CLI is the only company that offers this ‘Project-Product’ comprehensive service.


Jiun Hu

Jiun Ho / Selection of lamps made for resale


Crestline values not only the creation of quality product but also the sensitivity or set cost mandates our clientele is bound by. Understanding and working through all phases of design and construction is in our DNA, effective collaboration with ALL trades regardless of the mandate is part of our service from concept to close-out.

We are built FOR trade professionals BY trade professionals!